Jocida Park Horse Agistment

Agistment details: Facilities, Services & Fees


Here is a summary of what we have at Jocida Park:

Services Offered

If you bring your horse to us, here is what we offer:

Feeding Notes:

Nutrition is so important for the younger horses for correct growth. Too much fancy stuff leads to so many body/leg growth and behavioral problems. Keep the brain sane so they can learn, and they all want to learn.

For the older horses, the issue is to try to maintain weight. Most older horses want feed little and often, they also eat very slowly. Some like everything in separate containers, soft and mushy, but don't mix the flavors or they won't touch it! They like company, horses near them but not with them.

Every horse here gets something different, be it likes and dislikes or dietary needs. My standard feed is a starting point. Some owners come from agistment places that won't say what they feed or insist they are feeding and yet the horse is losing weight. Everything with horses is a puzzle to be worked out. The trick is to have the desire to find the answers. What works for one may not work for the next, but experience of previous horses gives a starting point to go from.

I do have a preference for plain feeds. I like to know what my horses are eating and the amounts. When you have had horses that are feed-affected it's too hard to break down the pre-processed feed - and you only find this out the hard way. As you get older you find you don't bounce so it's best to avoid any issues that make you one with the ground. Yes, I have learnt this the hard way!


The fees for agistment at Jocida Park are as follows:

Individual paddocks: $140 (inc.GST) per horse per week including feed

Fees are payable every four weeks, in advance.

Agistment Agreement

Agisters will be required to sign a standard agistment agreement when first bringing their horse to Jocida Park.