Jocida Park Horse Agistment


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Album 6

April 2017 Pictures from January to April 2017, with fresh green grass in paddocks that have rested over summer.


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Album 5

February 2015 Meet our new Welsh Cob foal Cleo and her mother Kenya, and see the new grass after the damp summer.


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Album 4

August 2014 Cool winter mornings, with horses in the mist.


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Album 3

March 2014 More new fencing, and all the beautiful new grass following a dry summer.


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Album 2

2013 Pictures from 2013 showing the paddocks, the arena and our landscape.


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Album 1

2011 / 2012 Here is our first set of pictures from 2011/2012, with fencing, paddocks, arena and round yard, and meet our horses: Manny, Rusty and Sammy.